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Brian Ouzounian, President and Chief Operating Officer of Ouzounian Constructors, Inc., frequently serves as consultant to clients on other contractors’ projects, and as an expert witness in construction litigation cases.  In both capacities, his substantial experience in construction offers his clients a level of expertise that few others can match.

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Using his wealth of knowledge about all phases of a project, Mr. Ouzounian acts as an expert witness in the following areas:

  • construction project management
  • design and business administration
  • seismic, water and sound intrusion damage assessment
  • estimates and remedy/retrofit for insurance claims
  • hazardous materials identification and remedy procedures
  • standard of product care
  • customary trade practices
  • standard of care for workmanship, techniques and methods
  • contract disputes, problem solving
  • safety and accident evaluation and prevention
  • earthquake and other insurance claims/dispute resolution

In many instances, bringing Mr. Ouzounian into dispute resolution proceedings has resulted in cases being settled prior to an actual trial.  His thoroughness in identifying and evaluating problems and necessary remedies, as well as his ability to efficiently and accurately estimate the costs of those remedies, provide clients with a solid foundation on which to base decisions.  He can also come into new or existing projects as a consultant, offering assessments of both design and construction methods either at the start of a project, or when difficulties arise during construction.

For example, Mr. Ouzounian was recently hired by the plaintiff in a performance dispute regarding a build-out on a West Hollywood penthouse suite that was behind schedule and over budget.  As part of the contract dispute, he halted the project to evaluate deficiencies in work product (which were considerable); prepared a scope of work for remedy; estimated the costs of the scope for settlement; and testified on the plaintiff’s behalf in a lengthy legal arbitration.



Did you ever wonder why so few homes get rebuilt after disasters like the Malibu fires?  Two possible reasons:

  • clients rushing to settle with insurers (out of fear that funds would run out), and
  • insurance companies paying out less than the amount needed to rebuild.

If your insured property suffers damage or loss due to earthquake, flood, or fire, you should call Brian before you accept the insurance company’s estimates for damages.  He has a history of getting his clients "real dollar" settlements, due in part to the expertise he developed after local disasters like the 1994 Northridge earthquake


Brian is dedicated to providing his clients with the highest quality of service, whether as a contractor, expert witness or consultant.  If you need reliable, timely advice prior to arbitration or litigation...contact Brian Ouzounian first. Better yet, hire him to oversee your project architect and contractor (particularly if one referred the other).

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